29th October: Cannonau and Gamay del Trasimeno

Tasting: October 29, 5 pm, Buonrespirio 37 |Online Registration| Phone: 3665010443| 38 Euro Grenache (Garnacha) is an important grape in Southern France and Spain. In Italy, there are some expressions of Grenache, especially Cannonau in Sardegna. Also in Umbria this grape is present as “Gamay del Trasimeno. For years we are working with Duca della…

September 3 + 10, wine tasting at the Buonrespiro

We invite for 2 wine tastings. At September 3 we will present 7 sparkling wines made with the “metodo ancestrale”. The bubbles are produced byrefermentation in the bottle, but without “sboccatura” as in the Champagner process Most of the bottles come from producers with a natural wine producing method. we will serve these wines with…


Sunday, August 6, 5pm: Vermentino,, Cannonau, Carignano

Back from Sardegnaand we sampled 140 bottles of wine and spirits. We will organize a series of tastings, Starting with a summer version. You will taste: The wine will be paired with: Please book now. (johannes.keizer@gmail.com, WhatsApp: 3665010443, Participation fee: 35 Euros) Domenica, August 6, 5 pm, Buonrespiro 37.